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Song Writer for Other Artists

Stevie has written a number songs for fellow artists. This page lists these songs in chronological order.

Year Song Artist Writers
1965 Baby Doll The Supremes S.Wonder/C.Paul/I.Hunter
1965 Honey Babe The Supremes S.Wonder/B.Gordy
1965 Anything You Wanna Do Marvelettes S.Wonder/C.Paul/R.Miller
1965 I Prayed For A Boy (Like You) Brenda Holloway S.Wonder/C.Paul/M.Broadnax
1965 I Don't Want Nobody's Gonna Make Me Cry Brenda Holloway S.Wonder/C.Paul
1965 Nobody'll Care Martha Reeves & The Vandellas S.Wonder/Stevenson/Hunter
1966 You Are The One For Me Marvin Gaye S.Wonder/C.Paul/L.Williams
1966 All I Do Is Think About You Tammi Terrell S.Wonder/C.Paul/M.Broadnax
1966 You Stay On My Mind Clarence Paul S.Wonder/C.Paul
1966 Just A Little Misunderstanding The Contours S.Wonder/C.Paul/M.Broadnax
1966 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever Four Tops S.Wonder/I.Hunter
1966 Without Your Sweet Lovin' Marvin Gaye S.Wonder/C.Paul/M.Broadnax
1966 Can You Love A Poor Boy Smokey Robinson & The Miracles S.Wonder
1966 Let's Talk It Over Marv Johnson S.Wonder/C.Paul
1966 Everybody Needs Somebody (I Need You) JJ Barnes S.Wonder/C.Paul/M.Broadnax
1967 Tears Of A Clown Smokey Robinson & The Miracles S.Wonder/H.Cosby/S Robinson
1967 After You Put Back The Pieces (I'll Still Have A Broken Heart) Smokey Robinson & The Miracles S.Wonder/C.Paul/M.Broadnax
1967 My Love Is Your Love Smokey Robinson & The Miracles S.Wonder/C.Paul/I.Hunter
1967 What Else Is There To Do Four Tops S.Wonder/M.Broadnax/C.Paul
1967 Angel Doll The Temptations S.Wonder/C.Paul/M.Broadnax
1967 What Am I Gonna Do Without You The Temptations S.Wonder/I.Hunter
1968 I'm In Love (And I Know It) Martha Reeves & The Vandellas S.Wonder/H.Cosby/J.A.Dean
1969 This Town Rotary Connection S.Wonder
1969 Try My True Love Marvin Gaye S.Wonder/H.Cosby/J.A.Dean
1970 Distant Dreamer Ramsey Lewis S.Wonder
1970 It's A Shame Spinners S.Wonder/S.Wright/L.Garrett
1970 It's Christmas Time Smokey Robinson & The Miracles S.Wonder
1970 I Can Tell When Christmas Is Near Smokey Robinson & The Miracles S.Wonder
1970 The Whip A Rang Earl Van Dyke S.Wonder/H.Cosby/E.Van Dyke
1971 We'll Have It Made Spinners S.Wonder/S.Wright
1971 Let Me Fall In Love With You Martha Reeves & The Vandellas S.Wonder/S.Wright
1971 Talking About Love Martha Reeves & The Vandellas S.Wonder
1972 We Had A Love So Strong Smokey Robinson & The Miracles S.Wonder/S.Wright
1972 It Will Be Alright Smokey Robinson & The Miracles S.Wonder/S.Wright
1972 Black Maybe Syreeta S.Wonder
1972 Keep Him Like He Is Syreeta S.Wonder/S.Wright
1972 How Many Days Syreeta S.Wonder
1972 Baby Don't You Let Me Lose This Syreeta S.Wonder/S.Wright
1972 To Know You Is To Love You Syreeta S.Wonder/S. Wright
1973 Bad Weather The Supremes S.Wonder/I.Tucker Jr.
1973 Soft Days The Supremes S.Wonder
1973 I Am Yours The Main Ingredient S.Wonder
1973 Something 'Bout Love The Main Ingredient S.Wonder
1973 Something Lovely The Main Ingredient S.Wonder
1973 Open Up Your Heart Labelle S.Wonder
1974 I'm Goin Left Syreeta S.Wonder/S.Wright.
1974 Spinnin' And Spinnin' Syreeta S.Wonder/S.Wright
1974 Your Kiss Is Sweet Syreeta S.Wonder/S.Wright
1974 Come And Get This Stuff Syreeta S.Wonder
1974 Heavy Day Syreeta S.Wonder/S.Wright
1974 Cause We've Ended As Lovers Syreeta S.Wonder
1974 Just A Little Piece Of You Syreeta S.Wonder/S.Wright
1974 Waitin' For The Postman Syreeta S.Wonder
1974 When Your Daddy's Not Around Syreeta S.Wonder
1974 I Wanna Be By Your Side Syreeta S.Wonder/S.Wright
1974 Universal Sound Of The World Syreeta S.Wonder/S.Wright
1974 Tell Me Something Good Rufus S.Wonder
1974 Perfect Angel Minnie Riperton S.Wonder
1974 Take A Little Trip Minnie Riperton S.Wonder
1974 If You Don't Love Me G. C. Cameron S.Wonder
1974 Game Called Love The Originals S.Wonder
1974 Loving You Has Been So Wonderful David Ruffin S.Wonder
1975 Thelonius Jeff Beck S.Wonder
1975 I Can See The Sun In Late December Roberta Flack S.Wonder
1975 Sleeping Alone Pointer Sisters S.Wonder
1975 What Happens To Andy Williams S.Wonder
1976 Don't Be Sad 'Cause Your Sun Is Down James Taylor S.Wonder/J.Taylor
1976 She's A Sailor Flying Burrito Brothers S.Wonder
1977 Love Notes Ramsey Lewis S.Wonder
1977 Spring High Ramsey Lewis S.Wonder
1977 Stick Together Minnie Riperton S.Wonder/M.Riperton/R.Rudolph
1977 Love City Sergio Mendes S.Wonder/M.Waters
1977 The Real Thing Sergio Mendes S.Wonder
1977 Bring Your Sweet Stuff Home Pointer Sisters S.Wonder/B.Pointer/A.Pointer
1977 Harmour Love Syreeta S.Wonder
1978 We All Remember Wes George Benson S.Wonder
1979 I Love The Nearness Of You Smokey Robinson S.Wonder/S.Robinson
1979 I Can't Help It Michael Jackson S.Wonder/S.Greene
1979 I'll Get What Is Mine Mari Nakamoto S.Wonder
1979 Strong Foundation Tony Comer & Crosswinds S.Wonder
1980 You Are My Heaven Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway S.Wonder/E.Mercury
1980 Don't Make Me Wait Too Long Roberta Flack S.Wonder
1980 Let's Get Serious Jermaine Jackson S.Wonder/Lee Garrett
1980 Where Are You Now Jermaine Jackson S.Wonder/R.Hardaway
1980 You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me Jermaine Jackson S.Wonder
1980 Melody Man Smokey Robinson S.Wonder/S. Robinson
1981 Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me Quincy Jones S.Wonder/S.Andrews
1981 What Are You Gonna Do With It Betty Wright S.Wonder/B. Norris
1982 I Was Made To Love You Maria Muldaur S.Wonder/S.Wright
1982 What's That You're Doing Paul McCartney S.Wonder/P.McCartney
1982 With A Touch Dionne Warwick S.Wonder
1982 You're Playing Us Too Close Third World S.Wonder
1982 Try Jah Love Third World S.Wonder/M.McCully
1982 Buttercup Carl Anderson S.Wonder
1983 The Crown Gary Byrd And The G.B. Experience S.Wonder/G.Byrd
1983 Crush On You Finis Henderson S.Wonder
1983 Whatcha Talking 'Bout Musical Youth S.Wonder
1984 Moments Aren't Moments Dionne Warwick S.Wonder
1985 Remembering The Sixties George Duke S.Wonder/George Duke
1985 I Do Love You The Beach Boys S.Wonder
1985 If Ever John Denver S.Wonder/S. Andrews
1985 Hold On To Your Love Smokey Robinson S.Wonder/S. Robinson
1985 Do I Eddie Murphy S.Wonder
1985 Everything's Coming Up Roses Eddie Murphy S.Wonder
1986 Never Said (Chan's Song) Dianne Reeves S.Wonder/H.Hancock
1986 I Think It's Love Jermaine Jackson S.Wonder/J.Jackson/M.Omartian
1986 Think Your Love Away Cindy S.Wonder
1986 Lost In Hollywood Neil Diamond S.Wonder/N.Diamond
1986 Remember My Love Bread & Butter S.Wonder
1987 I Can Only Be Me Keith John S.Wonder
1987 The Pickup Man Keith John S.Wonder
1988 My Love Julio Iglesias S.Wonder
1989 Two In Love Grady Harrell & Tyler Collins S.Wonder
1989 You And Me Grady Harrell & Tyler Collins S.Wonder
1990 We Didn't Know Whitney Houston S.Wonder
1991 Strong Is Our Love Marva Hicks S.Wonder
1991 The Force Behind The Power Diana Ross S.Wonder
1993 Go On And On Elton John & Gladys Knight S.Wonder
1994 Why I Feel This Way Take 6 S.Wonder/M.Kibble
1994 Here We Go Again Bobby Lyle S.Wonder
1995 Gates Groove Lionel Hampton S.Wonder
1996 How Come, How Long Babyface S.Wonder/Babyface
1998 Peace Wanted Just To Be Free Luciano Pavarotti S.Wonder
1999 I Love You Raven Symone S.Wonder
1999 A Song For Children Masashi Sada S.Wonder/Masashi Sada
2000 I Love You More Kimberly Brewer S.Wonder
2000 Finally Diane Schuur S.Wonder/S.Andrews
2004 Days Like This Val Watson S.Wonder/V.Watson/M.McCauley
2006 Feeling You Omar S.Wonder/O.Lye-Fook
2009 Waitin' Mao Otayeck S.Wonder/L.Fiddmont/R.Arbittier
2011 Have Sweet Dreams Maysa S.Wonder/Kim Brewer