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I'm Too Close

Composed by Bradford / Martin
Produced & Arranged by Stevie Wonder

Duet With The Williams Brothers

In album: Still Standing (1997)

I'm too close
To my journey's end
Hey, I'm too close
To turn back in a world of sin
And that wouldn't take nothing
For my journy now, oh no

You see I've gotta make it
I've gotta make
To heaven somehow, ooh yeah

I'm too close
To reach my goal
Said I'm too close
To finally, finally saving my soul

I tell you that I'm too, too close
To heaven
And I can't turn around
No I can't turn around, oh no

Yeah I'm too close
I can almost see God's face
I'm a little bit too close
And I'll tell the world
I love his grace

I'm so close
Because he's a holding my hand
And I know you will lead me
To the promised land

I'm too close
I wanna see my own mother again
I'm too close
To be shaking hands, shaking hands
With all my friends

Say I'm too close
To heaven
I can't turn around
I promised the Lord
I wouldn't turn around

I'm too close to heaven
I'm too close to heaven