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Odes to Stevie

Many artists have over the years mentioned Stevie Wonder in their lyrics, usually as some form of reverence or honour. Below is a list of songs that in some way pays tribute to Stevie.

Song Song Title Artist
1963 (He Is) The Boy of My Dreams Patrice Holloway
1963 Stevie Patrice Holloway
1964 Testify Isley Brothers
1975 Chocolate City Parliament
1975 Stevie's Wonder Melissa Manchester
1978 For Goodness Sakes Look At Those Cakes James Brown
1979 Happy Song Ronnie Foster
1980 You Take My Breath Away Minnie Riperton
1981 Is That Jazz? Gil Scott-Heron
1981 Praise Marvin Gaye
1982 Dreamin' Grandmaster Flash
1982 Tough Kurtis Blow
1983 Save Me Al Jarreau
1984 Someday Gap Band
1992 Fat Pockets Showbiz & A.G.
1994 Darling, You're Wonderful (Recorded 1965) Marvin Gaye
1995 Do You Want More?!!!??! The Roots
1996 Fugee-LA The Fugees
1997 Invocation Common
1997 Universal Magnetic Mos Def
1999 The Lesson – Part III (It’s Over Now) The Roots
2000 Intro Jay-Z- The Dynasty: Roc La Familia
2000 Stevie (Wonderful) Gregg Karukas
2001 Everyday (I Have The Blues) Tony Bennett ft. Stevie
2001 Wonderful India Arie
2001 Stevie Wonder The Chemistry Experiment
2002 Little Things India Arie
2003 Heartbeat Props Digital Underground
2004 Keep Fallin Hot Chip
2005 Dreams The Game
2005 Stevie Wonder Fembots
2005 For the City Talib Kweli
2005 White Stevie Wonder Capt. Joe Buser
2005 Listening' J-Live
2006 Feeling You Omar ft. Stevie
2006 For Once In My Life Tony Bennett ft. Stevie
2007 The People Common
2008 Love And Evolution Greg Mayo Band
2008 Mr. Carter Lil’ Wayne ft. Jay-Z
2008 Stevie Wonder J. Pigg
2008 Never Give You Up R. Saadiq ft. Stevie
2009 Can’t Make It Rhymefest
2009 Hot Shyt Wale
2009 Sir Stevie Alex Nester
2009 Stevie Wonder Glasses Brothers Grim
2010 Bed Rock Lil Wayne
2010 Feelin' Stevie Charmaine Clamor
2010 Recovery Substantial & Marcus D
2010 1975 Incognito
2011 Stevie Wonder Non-U
2011 Stevie Wonder Gucci Mane
2011 Stevie on the Radio Pixie Lott
2012 The Basement Eric Hutchinson