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A Helping Hand

The following is a list of songs recorded to raise funds/awareness for various charities and causes.
Year Song Charity / Cause
1985 We Are The World Charity Single for famine Relief in Ethiopia
1985 That's What Friends Are For Recorded to raise funds and awareness for the Aids Foundation.
1990 Keep Our Love Alive Released to bring about awareness of the inhumane system of apartheid in South
1990 Lift Every Voice And Sing Recorded to raise funds for the United Negro College Fund
1990 Feeding Off The Love Of The Land Included on the Charity album to raise funds for children of Romania
1991 Yakkity Yak Take That Back Recorded to raise awareness to reduce, reuse, recycle
1998 Peace Wanted Just To Be Free Conert and CD to raise funds for the children of Liberia
2000 I Love You More Christmas compilation album to raise funds for children in need
2001 Love's In Need of Love Today Benefit concert/telethon and CD in aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks
2005 Across The Universe Recorded at 2005 Grammy Awards to raise funds for the Tsunami victims in South East Asia
2005 Shelter In The Rain Released as a charity single to aid victims of the New Orleans flood
2009 All About The Love Again Assist in Raising funds for the Presidential Inaugural Committee
2010 A Time To Love / Bridge Over Troubled Water Haiti Eartquake Appeal compilation
2010 With You I'm Born Again / Unchained Melody Stand Up To Cancer Telethon and digital track available on iTunes
2011 A Merry Christmas Bright Future International Christmas Charity Single